Prom Kings? (Boyxboy) [Book 1]

Prom Kings? (Boyxboy) [Book 1]

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Jess By baconpancakes42 Updated Sep 28, 2015

"Two prom kings? Must be a mistake..." 

Is it possible? Can you really have two prom kings? 

Calum is a quiet boy, a nerd, a geek. Say whatever you want about him, he doesn't mind. Ok I take that back, he minds it a lot. 

Other than the fact that he is being bullied, he has a crush on the biggest jock there is. 

He's tall, mean, and doesn't like to be seen with the lower class. 

Otherwise known as the dorks. 

Ethan Carter is everything that everyone wants to be. Girls want in his pants, even some guys. All including Calum. 

Did I mention that Ethan was Calum's bully? No? My bad. 

It hurts to fall in love with the one who causes you so much pain, but that's life. These two will go through so much together, it's unpredictable what could happen. 

As the days grow longer and the nights get shorter, the Senior prom is right around the corner. 

Someone has a trick up there sleeve. 

But can there really be two Prom Kings?

Book 1 in this series.

sackacack sackacack Jun 03
Oh, baby... He's not sleep talking. Your brother is masturbating to his school bully
I always say (to the people that believe in god cuz i dont) that is god made the way he wanted to then why would be make you flawed
The book is terrible. Romeo only loves her for her looks and completely forgets about Rosalind after a couple pages even after complaining that he would never love anyone else if Rosalind didn't love him back.
IIRainbowII IIRainbowII Apr 16
Lol one time I went camping with my cousins and step-brother.. My cousins couldn't go to sleep because me and my step-brother kept arguing in our sleep
Awwe it's okay I have mirror dyslexia and when I started out I was really bad but now I only have a few slip ups now and then (I sound like I'm an addict at one of those meetings...)
I find Shakespeare interesting but for some reason I despise Romeo and Juliet.