Prom Kings? (Boyxboy) [Book 1]

Prom Kings? (Boyxboy) [Book 1]

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Jess By baconpancakes42 Updated Sep 28, 2015

"Two prom kings? Must be a mistake..." 

Is it possible? Can you really have two prom kings? 

Calum is a quiet boy, a nerd, a geek. Say whatever you want about him, he doesn't mind. Ok I take that back, he minds it a lot. 

Other than the fact that he is being bullied, he has a crush on the biggest jock there is. 

He's tall, mean, and doesn't like to be seen with the lower class. 

Otherwise known as the dorks. 

Ethan Carter is everything that everyone wants to be. Girls want in his pants, even some guys. All including Calum. 

Did I mention that Ethan was Calum's bully? No? My bad. 

It hurts to fall in love with the one who causes you so much pain, but that's life. These two will go through so much together, it's unpredictable what could happen. 

As the days grow longer and the nights get shorter, the Senior prom is right around the corner. 

Someone has a trick up there sleeve. 

But can there really be two Prom Kings?

Book 1 in this series.

I-sulay- I-sulay- Dec 29, 2016
Either an Ethan or an Alex or Austin or Justin or Alan and many more common names... They all are bad boyd
elovelyanm elovelyanm 19 hours ago
Don't forget the slender fingers that came straight from an incubus
elovelyanm elovelyanm 19 hours ago
Boi! Do not talk to me like that
                              Wanna know what my teeth feel like? In your arm, I mean.
                              Do NOT touch me.
Idiotic_Fucks Idiotic_Fucks Nov 06, 2016
-looks at Discipline, and hugs Jesse- Its okay man. You're better to me.
chellyichigo chellyichigo Sep 19, 2016
When I used cardiac arrest and everybody asks oh what's that 
                              how do you not know this and you're in 10th grade
RicaGato2 RicaGato2 Nov 20, 2016
Oh indeed. You my friend have sparked my inner curiosity. I'm starting to fall in love with this. Great beginning. I'll cheer you on.