Save Me (FNAF Security Guards x Reader)

Save Me (FNAF Security Guards x Reader)

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Hey everyone, Kira1216 here!

Things that need to be known:
(Y/N): your name
(H/C): hair color
(E/C): eye color
(S/T): skin tone
(H/L): hair length
(F/S): favorite song
(F/F): favorite food
(B/F/N): best friend name

This takes place in FNAF2!

Jeremy, Mike, Vincent, PG (Phone Guy), and Fritz are in this story as well! 

Anyway this is my first time writing a fanfics so please don't hate. 

If you somehow enjoy this like, comment, or vote please! 

Thanks for reading!!!!

(friend abandons me even though she always promised not to)
                              Me: WELP TiME TO READ THiS SORTA STUFF
                              (grabs bleach and gulps it down) THEY WOULD NEVER ABANDON ME
                              most of that was true accept the bleach and ded part xD
                              Sans: what do you want? -_-
                              Skyheart(me): No, I'm talking about the story. It's about Freddy.
                              Freddy: What do you little girl.
                              Skyheart: Hey! I'm not that young.
                              Sans & Freddy: Just shut up! -_-
                              Skyheart: I hate you guys. =_=
- - Feb 10
Don't listen to the haters, let the haters hate, hate the haters
Fritz is there. And so is Mike. Yay, a snacking buddy and a Pokemon buddy.
I am the 69th person to vote for this page heheheh *giggles stupidly at 69* xD
My best friend actually said this to me because we were going to Chucky Cheese for her brother's birthday