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The Bad Boy, Unwanted People & Me SEQUEL.

The Bad Boy, Unwanted People & Me SEQUEL.

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Ryker. By BlindfoldMe009 Updated Mar 31, 2013

Reece loves his job as a fighter. He works hard to keep his Title; 'The Champion'. Fighting is the most important thing in his life apart from Chloe of course.

But what will happen when an unwanted person, who should have stayed in the past, comes back into their life again?

"I want you to break up with Reece." he smirked

"And why would I do that?"

"Because, if you don't I'll get him kicked out of the Ring. I have connections Chloe so you must do what I say"

This is a Sequel to Slim_Shady 's book The Bad Boy, Cupid & Me :)
Please read that if you haven't already!

KaylasWrites KaylasWrites Dec 30, 2016
@2002riya it cant be her brother because why would he be upset about and I quote "the one you love kissing someone else." plus who is Travis and Tessa and since when did she have a brother
GirlOfFreeSpirits GirlOfFreeSpirits Sep 30, 2016
Guys I melted on the sidewalk can someone just come puck me up, or...
2002riya 2002riya Dec 20, 2016
Hellospoo Hellospoo Jul 07, 2016
When picturing Chloe's think face, I pictured Jacob Sartorious. 😂
HeyHay_44 HeyHay_44 Aug 16, 2016
The author for TBBC&M said you could write one shot story's not a sequel and if you don't belive me ask her yourself.
GirlOfFreeSpirits GirlOfFreeSpirits Jun 13, 2016
Ashton Deville
                              Ashton Deville
                              If he doesn't hurt you, no one ever will.
                              He'll play you then he'll break you and boy, will it kill.
                              He's Ashton, Ashton Deville.