Somebody I used to know

Somebody I used to know

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Jack and Elsa had a typical Romeo and Juliet romance, but when Elsa is forced to move away because of her father, she has to break Jack's heart leaving him hating her turning his heart to ice.

3 years later, Elsa goes backto her home land to go to college and meets the snobbish, selfish campus king.

Jack Frost.

Has he forgotten her?
Has he moved on?
Why is he like this?

But all Elsa knows is now he's just somebody that she used to know.

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Leatherjacket_29 Leatherjacket_29 Dec 30, 2017
It’s “penny for thoughts” from that little video “crush”?
ZSiddZ ZSiddZ Oct 21, 2017
Don't you just love when characters "dissaobaied" their parnets, XD
abigailestrada1234 abigailestrada1234 Oct 09, 2016
Do you have to ruin jelsa elsa's dad hunh hunh man jelsa hater . How on the world can you hate the fells the fells man god 😠😠😠😠😠
LucidDun LucidDun May 23, 2016
Kiara and kovu were my first OTP as a child no joke
                              I made up friggen fantasies about dis shiz
Jelsa_SuperFan223 Jelsa_SuperFan223 Mar 10, 2016
@GabyFernandez92 Hey your profile look like Jen from PopularMMOs.And its from one of those animations. When Jen and that man find superman suits, jen says "OMG! This is the Best Day Ever!
BH-9513 BH-9513 Aug 22, 2016
you have spelt some words wrong, but the story is still good so far