Bittersweet (a Creepypasta x reader) DISCONTINUED

Bittersweet (a Creepypasta x reader) DISCONTINUED

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RandomMandola By RandomMandola Updated 3 days ago

I am (Y/n).
I am haunted by my memories.
by the voices in my head.
by my mother's actions.
by my father's death.
by my sisters' deaths.
by the people in the woods.
I am about to break.
I am about to lose what sanity she has left. 
and I am of afraid of what I'll do when I finally please the voices in my head.

I don't own anything but the story and my o/c.

UPDATE: 08/18/2017

This book is discontinued,  but Bittersweet Remastered is in the works. If you want your own character to be in the new story, ads this story to your library and enter contests! The contests will be going on until October 31,  so I hope you'll enter at least one.

Myarei Myarei Jun 29
Hmm do I care? 
                              Lol no lets just read the whole story in 2 days if I like it enough
You made me cry cuz that exact thing to to my father!! Me and mother will never forgive ourselves......;-;
Boi you know how many messed up animes I've watched I think I can handle it.
S L E N D E R M A N 
                              S L E N D E R M A N 
                              LOŚ NENOS LO??????  
                              WASSUP SLENDY MR.  FACELESS MAN
S L E N D Y 
                              W A S S U P 
                              M Y 
                              H O M E B O Y
                              H O W S
                              I T B E E N 
                              H U H 
                              I T S 
                              B E E N 
                              Y E A R S
Splendy stop talking like that its slendys job 
                              I'm sorry I had too