New Creepypasta:                  The Marionette

New Creepypasta: The Marionette

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Crona Gorgon By mrstiawright Updated Oct 14, 2016

Her name is Marion. She is found in a box. Her new 'parents' abuse her and use her as their 'slave'. She is bullied all The time at school. Until she....

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ImAnAphmauFan ImAnAphmauFan Jun 12, 2016
HOW CAN A SIX YEARS OLD GIRL FIT IN A BOX?!?!?!maybe its her bed in the past years?
AngelBlessedByADemon AngelBlessedByADemon Jan 31, 2016
I like the idea of her being polite and not screaming at them being like NUUUUUUUU
NovaCast NovaCast Jun 21, 2016
Wait. She's 6 and can cook? I couldn't even put a carrot in a bowl at 6 without trying to eat it. How u do dat?
FlameofEternaty FlameofEternaty Mar 27, 2016
I like how polite she is, but she was just found off the streets in a box and the first thing that comes to her mind is calling them sir and mistress. Not to be rude or anything but also how does she know how to cook. Just my opinion :)
zaezaeneko zaezaeneko Jan 16, 2016
Not gonna lie right now I cried a little when Darin said Marion was to be his slave