She had locked him away, caged him deep into her mind in order to set herself free from taunting and the pills forced on her by those who said she was to old for an 'imaginary friend'. Now she is the one caged, trapped in a life filled with hate and pain. She loses hope until he comes again. He offers salvation, protection. She accepts, now she doesn't know the difference between her reality and her imagination, affection for one that is not one with the world smudges her perception. Her imaginary friend becomes more real then he's ever been, and in the end will they both be revealed to be more than they seem?
    A novella
Very good start, Warning: I'm reading this on my I pod so commenting is very difficult. Good writing though :D
You have such talent, it's amazing. Your story-telling is incredible. The writing is not full of too much description or too much speech; you have just the right balance to create just the right atmosphere and to make the story seem all that more real. This definitely deserves my vote! I love it.