✔ yes boss [zarry] ✔

✔ yes boss [zarry] ✔

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Arooj x By AngelOfDeath1 Completed

Zayn is rich. Arrogant. Cocky. Rude. 
He always gets what he wants. Always. No matter what it is. Or who it is. 

Zayn wants Harry. Wants to fuck him so badly. But, uhm, Harry is not really up for that.

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by AngelOfDeath1

spanish translation: https://www.wattpad.com/story/44148797-yes-boss-si,-seor-zarry-stalik-traduccin

arabic translation: https://www.wattpad.com/story/60463707-%E2%9C%94yes-boss%E2%9C%94

C0NCH0BAR C0NCH0BAR Feb 27, 2016
This is me @ everyone that's happy on Mondays 😂😂 like pipe the fück down
HEY_FLUFFY_24 HEY_FLUFFY_24 Jul 16, 2015
I just think about harry coming in all happy and giddy with a flower crown smiling like an idiot and just being adorable
Mrsdenisemalik Mrsdenisemalik Jul 06, 2015
I love it when Zayn's arrogant and in charge....but I can't wait until someone tells him off.
Mrsdenisemalik Mrsdenisemalik Jul 06, 2015
I love it when Zayn's in charge....but can't wait for him to be put into his place
zeppelindeplomo zeppelindeplomo May 05, 2015
i love it ,because zayn jealous and possesive is the best and my favorite
A2Zarry A2Zarry May 04, 2015
I loved it, is exactly what i wanted i love cocky, possesive and jealous Zayn is like my favorite kind 
                              thank you so much for doing it ♥