Zodiac Adventures!

Zodiac Adventures!

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Wildeh or Keeks B3 By WildstarOfWildclan Completed

The group of friends have taken their friendship to a whole new level. They now have their own building that they share as one, and they created their own group name.

The Zodiatic Stars.

Read to discover their adventures of the unique group!

xSinnpai xSinnpai Jul 26
Extremely accurate but my hair is black and my eyes are grey
so stereotypical... and im a male again wee woo
                              Virgo Libra and Pisces r almost always female...im like there r ppl that read this that r boys.. -_-
Why are all the Leo's boys?? There are girls who are Leo's too
Yaaay finally! An Aquarius boy! I'm so happy even tho I'm a girl 😂
Helloitchy Helloitchy Mar 18
In most things I read I'm like Capricorn but I'm an Aquarius
Wolve_Dreamer Wolve_Dreamer Oct 24, 2016
Almost me, just red/blonde hair (soon silver ^^) and hazel eyes~~ but literally everything else is practically the same~