Zodiac Adventures!

Zodiac Adventures!

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Wildeh or Keeks B3 By WildstarOfWildclan Updated Feb 15

The group of friends have taken their friendship to a whole new level. They now have their own building that they share as one, and they created their own group name.

The Zodiatic Stars.

Read to discover their adventures of the unique group!

My best friend is a Capricorn :3 
                              I'm an Aries 
                              But we be like 👯
The looks sound like me and my interests sound like me 
                              Basically me but I don't think I'm the leader type :/
I like the new take on the signs, tired of being called a lazy fatso amiright?
Almost me, just red/blonde hair (soon silver ^^) and hazel eyes~~ but literally everything else is practically the same~
erika23232 erika23232 Sep 24
Whyyyy!!!!! Im a girl with long black hair and brown eyes !!!😤😭  But the rest is kinda true 😕
Taurus should be smart funny gorgeous brunette light skin short loving inspiring girl