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Saraya By saraya271 Updated May 27, 2015

Yeah I know it's a terrible title. I'm bad at titles. 
Eren Jaeger is a new student at Titan High School. He moved from Germany to America and is alright at English. 
Levi Ackerman is a grade above Eren and the most popular boy at school. The girls are all over him. 
Eren seems to have a liking towards Levi but he knows Levi will never like him back. Or will he?! Dun dun dunnnn!!

cheeseycheese4 cheeseycheese4 Aug 20, 2016
Me before this sentence: Where's Levi?         Me after this sentence : There he is
rakausthewolf rakausthewolf Apr 07, 2016
Ooh! i know that cover! its from an Ereri doujinshi, that is in fact a psycho pass au, LOVE all three of those doujinshis,
katsucki katsucki Aug 24, 2016
This is my favorite ereri fanfic ever! And i did read very much of them!❤️
ShadeKiller_One ShadeKiller_One Jun 06, 2016
A messy Levi hmm *looks thoughtful* are you sure you got the right guy?
TheHolySisterDaniel TheHolySisterDaniel Nov 01, 2016
4 inches shorter is height but who knows what's behind dem jeans- 😂