Not A Monster [LIAM DUNBAR]

Not A Monster [LIAM DUNBAR]

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"You are not a monster. Not to me." 

After the recent death of Allison Argent, Aspen Martin's world fell apart. Her sister, Lydia, was depressed, Aspen felt like curling up in a hole and dying everytime someone mentioned an Argent, and on top of all that, she gets transferred to her sister's school, Beacon Hills Highschool. It's not as bad as she expected it to be, especially with the duo of Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski by her side, and there's one thing to make it even better. Liam Dunbar. Lydia tells Aspen repeatedly that they are "meant to be" but Aspen isn't completely sure that's what she wants after she learns the truth.


The first few chapters are really crappy so please continue reading bc this story is under EXTREME editing. Chapters that have been edited will say "EDITED" at the beginning, just for my convenience. The order in which I edit chapters will be in a strange order b/c some things are a little whacked up. :)  

Disclaimer- I don't own Teen Wolf :)

Fairly attractive? Honey, he's one of the hottest people in Beacon Hills
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It is canon that Lydia was acting jealous in season 4, confirmed by Holland.