You Belong To Me (Completed)

You Belong To Me (Completed)

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Sonya84 By Sonya84 Completed

"Mine. You're all mine. Only mine" He grunted through every thrust. His fingers released my neck and I took a large breath. He lowered himself and sucked my neck, then my breasts, anywhere he could reach before he thrusted one last time. He shivered above me breathing heavily.

"You belong to me" was the last thing he said before rolling to his side and pulling me to his chest.

Seventeen year old Skye has met 'the one' or at least she thinks she did. What dark secrets does Jason King hold? What is he capable of in the name of love? Who is the real Jason King?

mxghvn mxghvn Jul 28
terrible; i have so many packets to complete for my ap/honor classes smh
M_ssR0se M_ssR0se Mar 22
Ahhhhh shît he probably thinking about bending you over already 😈
Even in my wet dreams I'm realistic enough not to go for the hot guy! My brain can't even let me dream!!!
Jroman1 Jroman1 Jul 26
I hate when teachers pick you when you didn't even raise your hand
Anyone ever heard of community college? Cheaper and just as good, and most have a direct connect to a university