Naruto: Back to the Past

Naruto: Back to the Past

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Anabelle Mae By Ana6318 Updated Jul 05

I only did this fanfic cause it was itching to get out & to help my writing skills. plus enjoyment.

While on a mission Naruto is taken back to the past by a rogue ninja known as Takeshi Kuromori. Takeshi was a Shinobi of Konoha but turned rogue when Danzo sent his ANBU to destroy him. He survived yet his family parishes, now the man is trying to destroy the hidden leaf. Will he succeed? Or will Naruto along with his father and master from the past, be able to take down Takeshi and save the future of the leaf village?

Note: Happens A few months after the end of the Fourth Great Shinobi world war ...

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- - Mar 23, 2017
-_- way to go. Now they know about the future, that's just fabtastic.
NinjaDragonAsem03 NinjaDragonAsem03 Mar 22, 2017
This is soooo good To be ur first ff!!!!! THIS IS ..... AMAZING!!! I LUV DIS ALREADY!!!
armynerd armynerd Aug 08, 2017
Naruto: Kush, who wants to know
                              Jiraya: Uhhh Minato your son's on drugs
                              Minato: Naruto, Kushina and I did not raise you to act like that!!!
                              Naruto: You didn't raise me at all though
                              Minato: Uhhhh
JudithPajatinIrlande JudithPajatinIrlande Oct 09, 2017
No don't cry Naruto!! *hugs Naru* 
                              ( T_T)\(^-^ )
                              Oh and by the way Minato is still there ya know? 
                              Just standing there neglected,forgotten...
                              Just kidding! Though you do know he's there with you guys... Right?
Hahaha, I guess you could say Minato's enemies will be rasenGONE-- I'll just leave..
- - Sep 13, 2016
Um, a demon was sealed inside me when I was born...does that count?!