Take my heart

Take my heart

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flowerbed1 By flowerbed1 Updated Mar 13, 2016

From strangers to acquaintances, from acquaintances to friends, from friends to best friends - to boyfriends. 

This story starts in August, but has been going on for a few months where Connor and Troye have been having feelings for each other but been too scared to admit anything. One month earlier, in July, they did confess their feelings. Between Vidcon and the 18th of August when Troye arrives in Los Angeles, they decided to give it a go.

 The three words have never been spoken, they have only gone as far as making out and right now, almost no one knows about them. All this is about to change.

People want more smut in the tronnor fandom and I am here to try to give you some. It might be a little cheesy sometimes, it might be unrealistic and it might be realistic. I hope it is good enough for you to read, however.

This is going to be a chaptered story, but it won't be too long. Smut is the main idea, but other things will be involved as well.

I hope you like this!


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lmaolayla_ lmaolayla_ Apr 17, 2016
Why does no one comment on this book?! It's freakin amazing!
TroyesCoolSht TroyesCoolSht May 09, 2015
This is good. I really like it a lot! How many chapters will there be? :)
lilaccapybara lilaccapybara May 08, 2015
don't worry, not having the smut right away is actually great — it seems very sweet and really shows how much they care about each other <3