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Jake x Reader

Jake x Reader

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Vance By soupalert Completed

Love for the price of oblivion? I think not, but, you could say something fishy is going on. 

Jake is the new kid in school, with his emerald green eyes and unruly black hair, (F/n) just couldn't get enough of him. 

 (F/n) however, was anything and everything average. Average grades, popularity, everything.

 Slowly, (F/n) falls in love, as history repeats itself over and over again.

I made the cover! I also do not own homestuck, all that jazz belongs to Andrew Hussie.

Crazy_Family_ Crazy_Family_ Dec 20, 2016
Mom- Roxy
                              Dad- Dirk
                              Fun fact: Dirk and Roxy actually do have kids
I actually do have all the albums from TOP, including No Phun Intended
MisMarZel MisMarZel Feb 19
What's my age again, what's my age again? Also, am I friking Roxy Lalonde?
MCR ( My chemical romance )
                              Twenty one pilots 
                              Get scared
                              P! ATD ( Panic! at the Disco )
Imma be this on MSPARP just to see how many people have read this
lileeeeee_ lileeeeee_ Nov 06, 2016
"But I have two pistols!"
                              And I have a chainsaw and a Bowie knife, what's new?