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Nina By ninaurealopez Updated Feb 24

*If you've read this story in the past then this message is for you! I've revised and changed this story significantly! Maybe give it another read?*

There's always a bitch in every teen fiction story. I'm sure you're all aware of that gorgeously fake girl with the hot boyfriend and the whole school cowering at her feet. However, have you ever wondered what that popular girl was thinking when everything she had was wrenched from her perfectly manicured fingertips? 

This is her story.

WARNING: This book will contain the overused cliché and stereotyped characters and concepts we all despise. Please, bare with me.

_ibeme_ _ibeme_ Dec 29, 2016
aw i love it so far!! i adored the first version can't wait to see what you do in this one :)
A_ChocolateReality13 A_ChocolateReality13 Dec 29, 2016
i read this quite a while ago, so i don't remember anything... i'm really excited!
wheadee wheadee Dec 18, 2016
Wait? What happened? I wAsn’t done with the other version 😟
DankIncognito DankIncognito Dec 30, 2016
I really do hope you win an award for this! Such quality work!