Touch (larry stylinson)

Touch (larry stylinson)

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Jenna✌🏽 By hahalarry Updated Oct 28, 2017

Louis is in one of England's biggest mental institutions but nobody knows why. He's beautiful, small, has the softest voice (when he talks). He doesn't seem like he would hurt a fly. 

Harry Styles is a different story. He is recently brought in to a place that Louis has called him home for years now. Charged with possible rape and murder, he pleaded for insanity.




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this makes him sound like he’s jumping from table to table like the frog he is
i’ll soon reach the level of hatred towards people like louis here
lrhclifford lrhclifford Aug 17, 2017
                              MY EYES START TO ROLL
                              TO THE CURL OF YOUR LIPS
                              AND THE CENTER OF ECLIPSE.
                              IN TOTAL DARKNESS I
                              REACH OUT AND, TOUCH
                              Okay sorry, just thought of Touch -Troye Sivan. By the titel.
Vixoria Vixoria Jul 04, 2017
same louis same. Someone once tapped my shoulder and I punched them in the face. Whoops.
lrhclifford lrhclifford Aug 09, 2017
When I see people walking my way I automaticly circle my body 60° so I don't touch them.😂
asian_cal asian_cal Feb 18
WOWOWOW ZOUIS OML I LOVE IT!!! but this is a larry story so back off zayn