Don't Expect Me To Be Always A Gentleman (England x Reader)

Don't Expect Me To Be Always A Gentleman (England x Reader)

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Arthur Kirkland, one of the powerful officials in town and so called the 'gentleman', heart breaker if you please. He is known for his wealth and power over the country. The people who serve under him are supposed to be called servants but are merely lowered to the title  of slaves.

He is ruthless to whoever threatens to challenge him or go against his will. And no one ever lived to see another day after that.

But the people however rely on him due to his advantage and skills in politics, financing, fighting, agricultural demands and more.

So in other words he is the person who is respected and hated at the same time.

The notorious rebels known are my blood line.

Maybe until now.

My life is merely fleeting. And would not remain long, but the mark in this story will never dissapear.

(NOTE: Hetalia and the pictures used in this story belong rightfully to their respected owners. I absolutely do not own these.)

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