Loving you (brick x reader)

Loving you (brick x reader)

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Your P.O.V

You were running to the safety of somewhere. You bumped into princess morebucks and spilled spaghetti on her. She sent the rowdyruff's after you.

You stopped and opened the janitors closet. You got inside and locked the door. 

"Where did she go?" Said one of them. You didn't know them but you heard of them. You only saw them just now. 
"Mabye she ran back to the cafeteria." 
"Ok lets go."

Did they... They just said.... Moron's. you thought. You opened the door and quietly went to your fifth period. Luckly they never stopped to have a chat with you. 

"Hello (y/n). Mr. Walter said. He was your stem teacher. "Your here early."
"I..um... Wanted to come early." You said. He nodded and you went to the most unnoticeable computer there was. Students started coming and sat down. There was a available seat next to you.
" (y/n), (y/n)?" Said Walter. 
"Oh here." You said.

"Brick..." He said. 
"Brick." No one. 
Brick? You thought.
"Here!!" He said loud enough for everyone to hear.

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Lilianatnt Lilianatnt Sep 28, 2016
Puppy_Sparkles Puppy_Sparkles Dec 13, 2016
Bruh, I would be walking in slow motion, making funny faces through class doors.
SplatterGirl1908 SplatterGirl1908 Aug 26, 2016
Thats me. I take my sweet time to take papers into the office.
KCS1405 KCS1405 Jul 11, 2016
Yes....its really sad how i have a crush on my arch enemy....its a guy...gawd i hate him...
IrisaWolf IrisaWolf Jan 20
Because its Brick. The bad boy that people love for no reason. I mean I feel in love with the anime and the original.......I need serious help.
raindow_sparkle raindow_sparkle May 24, 2015
XD COOL!! well I'll make sure to make more I have a little writers block :(