Loving you (brick x reader)

Loving you (brick x reader)

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confused By raindow_sparkle Updated Sep 03, 2017

Your P.O.V

You were running to the safety of somewhere. You bumped into princess morebucks and spilled spaghetti on her. She sent the rowdyruff's after you.

You stopped and opened the janitors closet. You got inside and locked the door. 

"Where did she go?" Said one of them. You didn't know them but you heard of them. You only saw them just now. 
"Mabye she ran back to the cafeteria." 
"Ok lets go."

Did they... They just said.... Moron's. you thought. You opened the door and quietly went to your fifth period. Luckly they never stopped to have a chat with you. 

"Hello (y/n). Mr. Walter said. He was your stem teacher. "Your here early."
"I..um... Wanted to come early." You said. He nodded and you went to the most unnoticeable computer there was. Students started coming and sat down. There was a available seat next to you.
" (y/n), (y/n)?" Said Walter. 
"Oh here." You said.

"Brick..." He said. 
"Brick." No one. 
Brick? You thought.
"Here!!" He said loud enough for everyone to hear.

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Twisted__Midnight Twisted__Midnight Dec 19, 2017
Well considering I dated my bully once..... Ya so ima leave now
Me: hey teach can I sit at a different seat
                              Teacher: nope
                              Me: I'm going to die *sits next to Brick* ....hi
                              Brick: sup
Me: *runs out of the classroom*
                              Brick: *also runs out of the classroom and chases me*
Saramjrd Saramjrd Nov 08, 2017
Me: I normally don't get bullied but they are cute
                              Black: SoMe BiTcH iS gOnNa DiE!
That escalated quickly. I just got in and I already being chased  by three creeps.
mistystar47 mistystar47 Dec 12, 2017
Me: I'm going to die
                              Flame:some BiTch GoNna DiE
                              Me:now I'm i will die even more