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The Baby ((solangelo mpreg))

The Baby ((solangelo mpreg))

30.6K Reads 773 Votes 19 Part Story
_Sun-angel_ By _Sun-angel_ Completed

((Innocents run! To the next chapter))

Will ran his hand Nico's back as the young intalian bounced up and down on the boy. Their bed squeaked under them as Nico bounced fast.

"H-hah!" Nico moaned. Will's huge cock was deep in his ass, pressing on his insides.

Will groaned and ran a hand down to the boy's ass, sqeezing it. Nico let out a loud moan.

"Mmm~ how does it feel?" Will asks.

"Hah! What kind of- ah! Fucking quesion is that!" Nico yells at him.

"Then how about... I do this~?" Will slipped in two fingers with his cock, streching the intalians hole farther.

"Sooo~ ahhh! Big!" Nico moaned out.

"I dont feel it's enough~" Will pushed down Nico. Now hovering over him, he pounded his ass.

"A-ah~! Oh, i miei dèi ! W- Will ! Ah ! Fanculo! Ti amo così ~ ah ! Molto ! Più Forte!"

"All I heard was Più Forte," Will says, thrushing harder into Nico.

"Sono ~ ah! Andando a venire"

Nico's seed soon splattered white all over their stomaches. Moaning loudly, he arched his back.

"May I c...

DaughterofApollo237 DaughterofApollo237 Nov 15, 2016
I imagined 'To the next chapter' in an old superhero cartoon announcer voice. Like ' to the bat mobile! '
solangelosgirl solangelosgirl Oct 09, 2016
awww star wars REALLY i think dats sooooo weird eewwww 
                              buts dat my opinion so wutevz
camp4halfbloods camp4halfbloods Jun 21, 2016
i like how it says Another car XD has he been hit by a car before?!