Sarada's birthday

Sarada's birthday

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dattebastory By dattebastory Completed

It's Sarada's birthday.

Her father's here and it'll be her first birthday with him here.

Their family will be complete and...
just what will happen?

How will the Uchiha's celebrate their daughters birthday?

belfv85 belfv85 Aug 10, 2016
Sasuke baking??!! O.O that totally blew my mind!! XD hahahaha
                              Anyway, it looks like a really great and original short story ^^ It seems like I'm not going to stop reading it until the end ;3 hehehehe you write wonderfully
Lover_oneson Lover_oneson Apr 21, 2016
when I read this part my mind instantly went into the gutter until I read the next chapter 😳😳😳
dattebastory dattebastory May 13, 2015
@Christieissogay; Lmao you trash talker. Does it look like I give a crap? #hatersgonnahate