NEVER EVER (Charlotte's story)

NEVER EVER (Charlotte's story)

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Fate has a weird hobby of slamming us right in the face about things we so took for granted. 

Charlotte Thorne, innocent, naïve, and a tear-jerking young lady, learns that the tough way.

Having always dreamed of a pure and unconditional love, Charlotte receives one huge slap of fate which leads her to conclude one golden rule: Love is pure, illogical crap. 

With her nëw rules, her nëw vow, her nëw form of family, her straight nëw job, and on top of all those, a cold and arrogant Rickard Ellington Conway as her employer, Charlotte has a whole lot to deal with in her fresh new world ─which'll get rather interesting...

Join Charlotte in her newly-modeled life, and discover her story ─Charlotte's Story.

**Note: If you're looking for a stereotypical story where the two main leads head to an hotel from day 2, sorry, this story is just not for you. Love xx

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joannafran joannafran Dec 29, 2017
I'm starting to read now....i really thirst for exciting romance plots...n your intro,by the way, have pull up my interest....
DejanayhaHill DejanayhaHill Dec 30, 2017
Good thing I'm 2 years late and can read it straight through
mehersigma mehersigma Oct 20, 2017
And trust me when I say that they really know how to keep their promise.
I legit am reading this coz Thorne is her last name....Anyone remember Carswell Thorne from Lunar Chronicles
KikkuMaitra KikkuMaitra Jul 03, 2016
Really I have. Because after reading chapter 70 I am starting to read it from the beginning again.
Mafia_Kitten Mafia_Kitten Dec 10, 2016
Who wouldn't be swayed by the power of a rich and famous. I'm sure Charlotte is very naive as you described her. But soon she sooner or later she's gonna be a pawn in a rich man's game. And wouldn't be? They pull you in like a magnet