NEVER EVER (Charlotte's story)

NEVER EVER (Charlotte's story)

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Fate has a weird hobby of slamming us right in the face about things we so took for granted. 

Charlotte Thorne, innocent, naïve, and a tear-jerking young lady, learns that the tough way.

Having always dreamed of a pure and unconditional love, Charlotte receives one huge slap of fate which leads her to conclude one golden rule: Love is pure, illogical crap. 

With her nëw rules, her nëw vow, her nëw form of family, her straight nëw job, and on top of all those, a cold and arrogant Rickard Ellington Conway as her employer, Charlotte has a whole lot to deal with in her fresh new world ─which'll get rather interesting...

Join Charlotte in her newly-modeled life, and discover her story ─Charlotte's Story.

**Note: If you're looking for a stereotypical story where the two main leads head to an hotel from day 2, sorry, this story is just not for you. Love xx

AnIncredibleGirl AnIncredibleGirl Jun 10, 2016
I am shipping Leonard and Katherine, and I haven't even started reading the book xP
KikkuMaitra KikkuMaitra Jul 03, 2016
Really I have. Because after reading chapter 70 I am starting to read it from the beginning again.
The_Taciturn_Person The_Taciturn_Person Jun 25, 2016
I don't know why people are so exclamation mark fetish. The psychologist should include this in the list of Paraphilia.
Mafia_Kitten Mafia_Kitten Dec 10, 2016
Who wouldn't be swayed by the power of a rich and famous. I'm sure Charlotte is very naive as you described her. But soon she sooner or later she's gonna be a pawn in a rich man's game. And wouldn't be? They pull you in like a magnet
ScarlettSaige ScarlettSaige Aug 03, 2016
Well its a good thing that this book is already completed. So I can just continue XD
beast2019 beast2019 Jul 29, 2016
I love that you made notes about your story, amazing start guys!