The Alpha and the Rogue

The Alpha and the Rogue

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Emmy By beautifulgirl22 Completed

Kicked out of her pack for something that didn't actually happen, Radiance (RJ for short) is on the run. Betrayed by the people she loves most, her father (Beta of her old pack) and friends, she has no one left. 

That is until she winds up in another packs territory without permission. As a werewolf, that's bad. As a Rogue, it's worse because trespassing is punishable by death. But what if the Alpha of the pack you trespassed on... was your mate?

Noah is the Alpha of the Crescent Moon pack. Cocky, arrogant and overconfident, Noah is both a player and an egotistical dick. One night stands and girls that aren't his sister or mother are his game. When a Rogue wolf is found in his territory, Noah has every intention of killing it. Until he finds out that she is his mate.

  • alpha
  • love
  • rogue
  • teen-fiction
  • werewolf
My_Rules_Only My_Rules_Only Jun 03, 2016
I just saw Andy Biersack as the cover... And wanted to read it
PaulCook550 PaulCook550 Nov 29, 2015
If I'd rate this book from 1 to 5 and five is the highest, I'd say 1. Sorry.
michael73l michael73l Nov 22, 2015
Great writing ethics I love the story it's one that I can relate to
ed2wfu ed2wfu Nov 21, 2015
I felt everything flowed really well. I would like more, more! Superlative writing skills. There is both tension and suspense.
dakotafran196 dakotafran196 Jul 27, 2015
omg this is like the zillionth time I'm reading this book! it sooooooo gooooooooddddd!!!!!!
                              still keeps me on the edge of my seat
JustFuckItAll JustFuckItAll Jul 08, 2015
I am now reading this book for the 7th and 1/2 time. And I still love it!