Big Hero 6: The Reboot {1}

Big Hero 6: The Reboot {1}

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(Y/n) (l/n) is a 14 year old robotics prodigy.
She has five friends... 
Ginger, the neat freak.
Cola Coa-Coa the bubbly boy.
Lucy, who comes up with the nicknames.
Tom Tom, the adrenaline junkie
And Bitmix... Her sister, Takashi's invention.

Hiro Hamada is a 14 year old robotics prodigy who has an almost identical life to (y/n). 
When (y/n) accidentally finds a way to connect to each other's universe, they realise it's gonna take more than one group of heroes to defeat the villain.

Together, they team up and unite as one Big Hero 6 to defeat the evil that has occurred. A blast from the past comes back as well and a familiar figure appears.

Everything is in total chaos and its up to the gang to solve the mystery. But what happens when a little love kicks in? 

"Love is something pure, if it truly is real, it can not be deleted... It can not be rebooted... It stays and grows stronger."

Join (Y/n), Hiro and the gang on their epic journey to save San Fransokyo!

Big Hero 6: The Reboot

itz_Queenxx itz_Queenxx May 28
Bitmix sounds like a nutritional cereal that parents force the kids to eat....
                              I LUV IT!!!!
ACGaines ACGaines Jul 13
At first I was going to tell you to shut up and then I saw the I LUV IT!!!!  AND I SO AGREE
I started reading this book because I'm listening to immortals
Every time I hear thrusters, I think of the chaos that's been created in gmod with those damn things.
Sounds like Lucy from Fairy Tail except the comic fan part. Sort of
My chemical balls
                              And yes
                              I AM LISTENING TO TEENAGERS BY MCR