The Green Dragon and his Little Princess

The Green Dragon and his Little Princess

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C.C. By Kuruizaki_hime Updated Jul 21, 2016

Hyun-Ae, an independent and orphaned thirteen year old girl who happened to meet a gentleman named Jae-Ha in his twenties due to the beautiful music coming from his erhu.

She became a pirate under Captain Gigan and became close with the pirate crew.

Five years later, Yona, Hak, Yoon, the Hakuryuu, Kija and the Seiryuu, Shin-Ah arrived in Awa just when the lord of Awa, Kum-ji is actively on the move. Just how things will develop like this?

ExogirllovesSehun ExogirllovesSehun May 19, 2016
What anime is this fan fiction made from? I'm really intrigued >.< I love your writing, By the way!
AkiCat AkiCat Aug 17, 2016
No he is not being nice he's just a pedo I'm sorry but no offense
seiraphic seiraphic Nov 08, 2015
AWW THEY'RE SO CUTE!! and I just knew that his instrument is called erhu  I knew what that is but I didn't realize it was the same instrument he was playing.
HueSever HueSever May 08, 2015
Jae-Ha is totally in character. Every sentence he says either has 'beautiful' or 'cute' in it. LOL. I can't wait to see how it turns out ^_^
Kuruizaki_hime Kuruizaki_hime May 07, 2015
@Leafdragon You're also awesome for reading this unknown fanfic of mine >w<
Kuruizaki_hime Kuruizaki_hime May 07, 2015
@Leafdragon Your welcome ^_^ And why would you say that you're not worthy O.o