Beauty & The Misfit

Beauty & The Misfit

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h i a t u s By chieen-chan Updated Jun 13, 2017

Oikawa Tooru. Aoba Johsai volleyball club's captain. Undeniably charming. Adored by almost everyone in the school. Said as the great king.
The Beauty.

[f/n] [l/n]. The nobody girl in the background. Scary aura with a resting b*tch face. Weird in the eyes of everybody. Said as the girl who brings terror to everyone. The Misfit

The fate that hates them suddenly binds the two. Can [f/n] handle being under Oikawa's unwavering light? Or will she continue under her shade where she shines the most?

[[Reader Insert]]

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Akaris_HELL Akaris_HELL Apr 07
I'd hit her legs and twist her arm with my free one or just twirl. She'd let go and I'd run and hide in a corner
yeah the flies reminded me of you face so I had to get a upgrade
skietyheart skietyheart Feb 16
Yea i do have spiders. I train them so they can kill people like you
Akaris_HELL Akaris_HELL Apr 07
I actually like spiders. Plus I can throw my jacket at you because they could be venomous. You would then get bit but you wouldn't turn to spiderman you'd turn into a shrieking brat
Akatoru Akatoru Mar 21
If only there were spiders I would throw it at them. This would be fun
Since I play up 2 years, I've been nailed in the face with volleyball a bunch of times and I've gotten a bloody nose. But they don't cause bruises.