Beauty & The Misfit

Beauty & The Misfit

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Oikawa Tooru. Aoba Johsai volleyball club's captain. Undeniably charming. Adored by almost everyone in the school. Said as the great king.
The Beauty.

[f/n] [l/n]. The nobody girl in the background. Scary aura with a resting b*tch face. Weird in the eyes of everybody. Said as the girl who brings terror to everyone. The Misfit

The fate that hates them suddenly binds the two. Can [f/n] handle being under Oikawa's unwavering light? Or will she continue under her shade where she shines the most?

[[Reader Insert]]

This is really interesting already. For some reason, I love the title.
Give me some knives then I will show them the mean one *evil laughter*
*pulls out bug spray* GET OFF ME YOU PEST! *sprays bug spray in her face*
annaedenr annaedenr Jul 26
If it turns out I have super powers or something, I'm outta here