Beauty & The Misfit

Beauty & The Misfit

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Oikawa Tooru. Aoba Johsai volleyball club's captain. Undeniably charming. Adored by almost everyone in the school. Said as the great king.
The Beauty.

[f/n] [l/n]. The nobody girl in the background. Scary aura with a resting b*tch face. Weird in the eyes of everybody. Said as the girl who brings terror to everyone. The Misfit

The fate that hates them suddenly binds the two. Can [f/n] handle being under Oikawa's unwavering light? Or will she continue under her shade where she shines the most?

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mayonhaise mayonhaise Jan 21
yeah, I totally know someone named 'eff enn ell enn'
                              ( I'm just kidding I know how this works)
Your_Only_Goddess Your_Only_Goddess Sep 11, 2016
This is really interesting already. For some reason, I love the title.
mayonhaise mayonhaise Jan 21
Oikawa, sweetie, now isn't really a good time.
                              *rolls up sleeves* 
                              I'm about to beat this kid up 
creamiistry creamiistry Jan 04
Jealousy is the worst disease, please get away from me, sweetheart.
mayonhaise mayonhaise Jan 21
Please back away hun, I'll slice you in half, bully girl. :)
mayonhaise mayonhaise Jan 21
she got that right.
                              I'm good on defense and offense >:1