Remember You ➵  (Quicksilver) #projectsuper

Remember You ➵ (Quicksilver) #projectsuper

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A[lex]andra By QueennLex Completed

WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS!! If you haven't seen Age of Ultron, well this contains Spoilers!

 I'm not human, I'm not an experiment. I'm a mutant, a mutant and an agent. SHIELD hired me thanks to the fact that I'm Black Widow's cousin and my ability. I'm going to tell you a little bit about me, I'm Russian, my family was killed in an explosion as my best and only friends: the Maximorff twins. I woke up one day in the hospital, lost, my family dead next to me, my friends gone. 

I almost got killed but someone saved me, someone I never saw again. I trained to get revenge on Stark, he sent those bombs. I trained until I became a SHIELD agent, there I met Stark and let's say I kind of forgive him. I'm the backup for the avengers. I still want to know what happened to the twins, where are they? Who saved me that day? 

I'm Aleksandra Ivanov, a SHIELD agent and mutant. I'm going to help to stop Ultron. 

"It's nice how Alex is actually given injuries and other wounds from battles between the Avengers and HYDRA and Ultron, it makes it more realistic. RavenBlack1832 also did a great job of staying in character for POV of characters that belong to Marvel. The suspense at the end of each chapter is great, you just can't wait to read on and when you do the action and twists are wonderful. Another great job by RavenBlack1832 is that they made sure Alex wasn't stealing other character's lines from the movie, all of them were her own just like her place on the team. The romance was also placed well throughout the story and not built up in certain spots that took over the plot. We can feel the characters' pain so well because we become so attached to Alex and the others."  

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I’m so dirty minded and don’t you mean trousers? #imbritish
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I'm reading this in all there voices and it's making it more realistic 🙈
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*Treats, threat means something or someone that could hurt you
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