Dance For You [manxman] RE-WRITING!

Dance For You [manxman] RE-WRITING!

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Jess By baconpancakes42 Updated Jun 03, 2015

A lot can happen to a young male stripper, all he needs is a filthy rich man who's looking for a dance. 

Jinx, a 21 year old with the body that taunts all who come near it. He loves to seduce people into doing whatever he wants. 

No one dares to challenge this boy. 

Well, no one except the tall and handsome 6'5 Memphis Collins. He's a billionaire who owns the biggest company in all of Florida.

Memphis walks into the strip club, looking for a dance and then he's sees the one and only, Jinx. 

Jinx gives this man a dance that changes their lives forever. 

Memphis is a very dominant man who gets what he wants. 

Should I dance for you?

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bella_arthur93 bella_arthur93 Nov 29, 2017
                              sorry, I’ll show myself out
kawaiipotato1089 kawaiipotato1089 Oct 15, 2017
Crawling like Nicki
                              Dancin like Maliah
                              I be throwin round this money
                              Imma fuq around and buy im
                              Imma flick my money all night till my wrist tired
                              If u put in work, this the night u gon retire
                              U a bad bitch, i aint evn gon deny'a
                              He told me 'throw that money'  I said 'make it worth my while'
Derpina101 Derpina101 Feb 27, 2016
Honestly, I'm uncomfortable af reading this xD
                              Like, what if he messes up??
my_emo_heart my_emo_heart Feb 09, 2017
I just rolled off my bed and wiggled down the stairs, I am a dangerous fangirling snake.
7PURPLE7 7PURPLE7 Jul 24, 2016
You fück each other's brains out and get married and adopt 5 kids and raise them and grow old together then get buried together. . . Idk
sharicemcclendon222 sharicemcclendon222 Nov 29, 2015
0////////////////0  it was really weird the way i thought he was dancing fo the lap dance