The First Girl

The First Girl

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Ariel Sharpley By arielsharpley Updated Aug 15, 2015

Minho x reader
When you wake up in the box, you find a society of boys. Being the only girl within those walls, everything is different than what it used to be. . . 

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We cant even handle 1 Minho how are we supposed to handle 2??? Oh, i know!!! Make a maze full of Minhos!!!
Get out of the way dont you see im escaping a pack of teenage boys???
I already got stung by one tho (i dont actually hate this story its amazing)
GOD DANGIT RICHARD!!! YOU TOLD ME YOU WERE A PROFESSIONAL IN THE BURGLARY DEPARTMENT!!! Well, at least we can have a dance party while we wait to be arrested...
I am perfectly capable of standing *starts to walk and trip over nothing on first step*