Anger management ~ Paul Lahote~

Anger management ~ Paul Lahote~

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Jacob Black had a sister. A twin sister. They used to to be really close. But when he phased he pushed her away and stared to ignore her. Well she didn't like that so now she hates him and all his friends that took him away and changed him. 

But what will happen when one of his friends come to his house and Rachael answers the door? Will he imprint? Will they all live happily ever after? 
Find out in anger management.

**** gets better as the story goes on ****

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Sage718 Sage718 Mar 21
Sorry honey
                              [ stick one finger in the air ] 
                              Leave me alone
tonganprincess599 tonganprincess599 2 days ago
nooooo!!!! It's awesome! It's gonna show us how she's not weak and can stick up for herself... and it shows that the "La Push Gang" isn't as cool as they seem!
twilight_24 twilight_24 May 19, 2015
I read your Embry imprint book and you really love the name Rachel! please update
oceanwavealpha oceanwavealpha May 17, 2015
nah don't scrap it dude I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes
Gabbi_Likes_Llamas Gabbi_Likes_Llamas May 17, 2015
Omgee it's so good!!! Please update again soon!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️