This is How to Save a Life (Hidashi)

This is How to Save a Life (Hidashi)

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Hiro of age 16, Junior year at college, finally comes out of the closet and not long after, is asked out by none other than his crush who's pretty popular and is known as the goody two-shoes.

Tadashi of age 22, Senior year at college, has been there for his younger sibling through every step of his life and doesn't plan on walking out on him quite just yet, especially once he hears rumours about Hiro's boyfriend.

Both siblings go through their own stories of love, hardships, and disappointments around every corner of life, but the difference?  Tadashi loves his brother!

Tadashi x Hiro
Yaoi and incest don't like don't read

I don't own BH6 or the cover, y'all know this by now :)

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And do ur nails and do ur hair and gossip and do ur makeup and drink Starbucks and eat chipotle
NekaTorano NekaTorano 15 hours ago
is tis like the third part to the dramatic yet loved af story about hiro x tadashi and teh coma and taht stuff ;<
NekaTorano NekaTorano 15 hours ago
XOOOOOOOOO I just was finished about the story were they had the promise ring and al that and i see this ... ahem.. my brain needs to prosses ;<
*to tadashi* why are you so casual about it? 
                              *to you* Why is he so casual about it?
But he is 22 and their going to get together probably 
                              And at least hiro's not his original age Cuz that would be six year age difference
NekaTorano NekaTorano 15 hours ago
;< yup your totaly a da and hiro is TOTALY a girl ;T right then ;<