This is How to Save a Life (Hidashi) --On Hiatus--

This is How to Save a Life (Hidashi) --On Hiatus--

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Dragonborn By dragonborn13 Updated Aug 30, 2015

Hiro of age 16, Junior year at college, finally comes out of the closet and not long after, is asked out by none other than his crush who's pretty popular and is known as the goody two-shoes.

Tadashi of age 22, Senior year at college, has been there for his younger sibling through every step of his life and doesn't plan on walking out on him quite just yet, especially once he hears rumours about Hiro's boyfriend.

Both siblings go through their own stories of love, hardships, and disappointments around every corner of life, but the difference?  Tadashi loves his brother!

Tadashi x Hiro
Yaoi and incest don't like don't read

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Foggy1 Foggy1 May 03, 2016
This is what I do with my brother (except with girls) gj Tadashi
xXSquishSquish xXSquishSquish Aug 16, 2016
If I had a bro that was barely older than me and gay I would be doing that all dayyyy.
stellarwar stellarwar Oct 16, 2016
Am i the only one insulted that hiro thinks thats how girls act? And that we just sit around and talk about boys?
Hey_EyyZee_Here Hey_EyyZee_Here Jun 25, 2016
That's fast.. Tadashi can you beat this 'Hotaru' guy over here?!! He's stealing Hiro from you.. 😠😠😂
Kuriyama1234 Kuriyama1234 Sep 18, 2016
I want a big brother like you who cares about being gay I want a big brother like you
SarahBear65 SarahBear65 Apr 02, 2016
Um, if you haven't noticed buddy! This is a Hiro x Tadashi FanFiction here! Not a Hiro x Crush! So why don't  you let go of Hiro's hand, move your sorry äss out of that theater, and kill yourself! Goodbye!