Imperfect (Disappeared #1)

Imperfect (Disappeared #1)

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**UPDATE Sept 4/15: I've finished uploading Imperfect so you can now read the WHOLE story.**

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Imperfect is book one of three in the Disappeared series. It's historical romance meets fantasy — think Jane Austen meets The Princess Bride.

Description: England, 1813. Lady Theodosia feels she has no choice but to marry a man she doesn't love. That is until she stumbles into a different universe — an astonishing, mystical forest inhabited by the Nextic, a peaceful people who live close to nature.

Ahuil is fiercely independent until he meets Theodosia. Cut off from his own people, he nurses a dark secret. But in Theodosia he sees someone he can trust ... and love. 

As her visits to his universe become more frequent, Theodosia is convinced she's found paradise. But a great change is coming to Ahuil's world. Half-beings roam the ruins of an unknown civilization and a growing mist appears to be preparing to wipe out his people — forever.

Torn between her family and a profound love, Theodosia is haunted by a question she cannot shake — in the face of terrible danger, how much is she willing to risk for love?

Two imperfect worlds. One unlikely romance. An impossible choice.

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