Bad Enough 4 You

Bad Enough 4 You

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☆ Hushpups Queen ☆ By CrUsHushpuppy12 Updated May 16

Laney is a good girl. No swearing, almost perfect attendance, and amazing grades.
 However is constantly bullied, took advantaged of, and holds her own dark secrets at her home along with her best friend, Kim Kagami. 

Corey is an @$$, jerk, bully, and basically our bad boy. Is the leader of a popular rock band, barely shows up to class, his grades are out the window, and is either feared or admired. Even so, holds his own secrets with his father, sells drugs, fights, is a renegade at heart, and loves his music more than anything. Well at least that's what he thought. 

When a certain little red head finds her way listening to a certain bad boys song, and has to tutor him.. things get complicated, depressing, and interesting...

Superman4u Superman4u Feb 03, 2016
I ship Kim and Kin. and since I'm your bff and your one and only lover, will you make me a character?
nom54321 nom54321 Sep 28, 2016
Very good chapter but it was kinda weird to me to see larry in the band. 😸
nom54321 nom54321 Sep 28, 2016
So cute❤❤❤ bad boy corey. Never thought i see that especially after the line of cred episode
Superman4u Superman4u Jan 27, 2016
Thats cute. The girl that wrote this is my best friend. I love her!
CorrieQueen CorrieQueen May 03, 2015
great story. I can't wait for the next chapter.
                              p.s it's corey riffin not corey riffon