Feel My Pain

Feel My Pain

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Name: Yami Uzumaki

Age: 15

Clan: Uzumaki clan

Recent Location: The Akatsuki

Mentor: Pein

Appearance: Short red hair. Wears the Amegakure ninja around her forehead. Beautiful. 

Height: 5"5

Kekkei Genkai: Rinnegan

Was Found by the Akatsuki at the age of 6. Someone had left Yami in front of the Akatsuki Hideout. When Yami was little she experience the lost of her Family. She felt the pain of losing everyone she loved. Yami was isolated for many years until she was taken in by the Akatsuki.

  • naruto
  • orochimaru
  • revenge
  • rinnegan
  • sasuke
I'm actually really happy that there's finally someone writing a Naruto fan fiction that remembers that Pein's main body is literally a dead body lmao
BiAnXo-14 BiAnXo-14 Sep 20, 2017
Art can either be an eternal explosive, or an explosive eternity for these two..
_KikuYuri_ _KikuYuri_ Mar 09
Or you could just make a bomb that explodes forever 
                              "Art is an eternal explosion!"
Satansoul_666 Satansoul_666 Sep 05, 2017
Jashin......... Oh hell no another Jashinist!!!!! 😂😂😂😂
UniverseFiction UniverseFiction Dec 07, 2017
So we start straight from the shippuden....okay i understand
I really agree at sasori. But what can you say? ART CAN BE FIREWORRRKSSSS
                              ART IS EXPLOSION TOO, UN!