Feel My Pain

Feel My Pain

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Name: Yami Uzumaki

Age: 15

Clan: Uzumaki clan

Recent Location: The Akatsuki

Mentor: Pein

Appearance: Short red hair. Wears the Amegakure ninja around her forehead. Beautiful. 

Height: 5"5

Kekkei Genkai: Rinnegan

Was Found by the Akatsuki at the age of 6. Someone had left Yami in front of the Akatsuki Hideout. When Yami was little she experience the lost of her Family. She felt the pain of losing everyone she loved. Yami was isolated for many years until she was taken in by the Akatsuki.

sammiuchiha sammiuchiha May 29, 2016
Why would you remind us of one of the most heart breaking moment in naruto 😭
JawadCameron JawadCameron Dec 14, 2016
Barks ...? Really u make it sound like Naruto is a dog😂😂😂
Megan29Hemmings Megan29Hemmings Nov 26, 2016
*chokes on energy drink* *Starts laughing really loudly* *Falls off of bed* *Energy drink spill on me* *Lies on floor* That is fücking accurate
Megan29Hemmings Megan29Hemmings Nov 26, 2016
Maybe I'm attracted to Sasori because he likes dolls... I mean I'm no Melanie Martinez but goddamn... Nah its because he has blood red hair... I'm attracted to anime's with blood red or white hair
tri-force66 tri-force66 Oct 09, 2016
why do all the cute badass characters die first!!!!!! dammit !!!!!