My Brother

My Brother

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purleyminordetails By purleyminordetails Updated Jun 25, 2015

Our lives are measured in summers. All year we crave summer. The sunshine, the heat, the sandy beaches and the party's. The party's. Filled with cheap bear, good music, and random hook ups. I'm not the kinda girl who does random hookups, I thought they always ended up being regretted and classified as a bad decision. 

I'd like to think most of the decisions I've made the past fifteen years of my life have been good ones, and even the bad ones have been outweighed by my numerous good ones. If that's so, I'm going to have to make a hella lot of good decisions tomorrow because hooking up with Darien a guy I've only had eye sex in the hallways with weighs pretty heavily on the bad decision side of the scale.

I had quite a few beers that night, and I was definitely drunk, but not drunk enough to justify the fact that I was guiding him into the bedroom with the confidence I've never had in my life and quite frankly I was super proud of myself for it. 

As soon as I shut the door of the bed...

MarandaFarley MarandaFarley Jun 12, 2017
As soon as I shut the door of the bedroom, he immediately threw me against the wall and began shoving his tongue down my throat.
SantoshAdhikari2 SantoshAdhikari2 Jan 25, 2017
i like  your story.please recommended  me other stor also. thanku.