Teen wolf imagines : Stiles Stilinski

Teen wolf imagines : Stiles Stilinski

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cauded By cauded Updated Apr 22, 2016

Warning : language, lime ( or not im not sure lol)

Stiles pov

I was in y/n bedroom waiting for her to get ready for our cinema night with the others that is say Scott, Allison and Lydia but she takes too much time. I sigh " y/n hurry up pleaaaaase !!" she comes out from her bathroom half dressed 

" What the fuck girl ??" i said pissed as fuck. She looks at me with puppy eyes " i dont wanna go anymore " she said.

" why" i asked her, she turned around and i see her big hole in her dress, i laugh my ass off. She hits me " stop laughing i got nothing to put on for tonight" she said pouting. I hug her and say " its just a movie you can wear watever you want". She rises an eyebrow and said " you are sayin that but did you see what you are wearing dude ?" i blush a little " it's because Lydia's coming too i wanna do a good impression". She nodds " ho ok, im gonna take this off", i smile and help her with the zipper of her dress " ho thanks " she said. I unzip her dress and her dress...

Sorana42 Sorana42 May 02, 2016
Uuuuuuuuuummmm is this void stiiilless? This is not stiles at all