Three Cruel Alpha Mates Of  Mine

Three Cruel Alpha Mates Of Mine

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I was in a cell. Tied down to the wall. They had all right to because I was a rouge and I trespassed.  Right now I was waiting for their alpha, the one who everybody feared.  He would torture me, I was sure of that. That was until I heard him come closer, to  hell I felt him come closer.  Then the most intoxicating smell hit me when he stood there in the doorframe of my tiny, dirty cell.  He was my mate but there still were two others of them. In fact I had three mates but I didn't know that yet. Fortunately.

While he opened the chains he asked: "What's your name, little mate?"
I gulped again: "A-America"
He looked up so he could look me in the eyes. And I fell for these eyes again and this time it was not my wolf's fault.
"Don't lie to me, little mate. So once again: What's your name?"
"B-Bliss", I said quietly. 
"Bliss" him saying my name made me shiver, "I'm Dallas"
Now my wrists and ankles were free and he yanked me up onto my feet by my arms. His gaze went up and down my body. It darkened as he saw me wearing another man's T-Shirt. And only his T-Shirt. 
"His scent is all over you.", he growled lowly.
"So you would've wanted me naked in front of more than ten of your men?", I asked. I know this was pissing him off but I couldn't resist. I just had to tease him.
Dump me. Dump me. Dump me.

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Oh dear lord.... 🤦🏻‍♀️ hate names after nouns countries objects and things
Are_You_Dumb Are_You_Dumb May 06, 2016
A hot ass name 2 me would either be Damien or Xavier or dezarius
babesgirl21 babesgirl21 Oct 10, 2016
i just saw my friends having sex! plz someone give me some eye bleach
kindercressmoon16 kindercressmoon16 Jul 25, 2016
This people's do not respect clothes it's not like someone is going to were that shirt again but COME!!
                              Angry: shreds 
                              Cuddling in bed : shreds 
                              Sex: there's no helping that 
anecianna anecianna Jun 10, 2016