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Lovesick Heros

Lovesick Heros

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<< ƖıƖ ƙơŋɛƙơ >> By LilKoneko Updated Oct 22, 2016

Raccoons are sneaky little animals who just steal. Everyone knows that raccoons are terrible creatures. People who can transform into raccoons are bad since they got their powers from their raccoons family.

A group of people who are the protectors of the city of Los Santos, mission is to attack the raccoons family. Everyone, but one man, have the power to transform into animals also.  

One raccoon in the family doesn't like being part of the family. When he gets put up into robberies, he'll always feel guilty.  He want to change his evil title to being a hero.

What would happen if an owl, the leader of the team, meets the harmless raccoon? Would the protector of Los Santos do his mission and kill off the raccoon? Or take him under his wing and protect him?

Neonflowers789 Neonflowers789 Sep 15, 2016
I try to follow my dreams but mines are all about eating to much candy or allowed to do whatever I want in my least I can have some candy ~_~
The_Sheep_Waz_Here The_Sheep_Waz_Here Aug 18, 2016
I say "hit people if they make fun of you and then become a boss" :)
Redpanda320 Redpanda320 May 15, 2016
Omg so good I love the plotline I demand more already I cant wait for it too finish in general
CosmicallyCryptic CosmicallyCryptic Apr 16, 2016
Amazing even though I only read one page lol lmao awesome story btw
MistakenlyDifferent MistakenlyDifferent Oct 22, 2016
BFF: Follow your dreams!
                              Me: Follow my dreams?
                              I WANNA JUMP OFF MY ROOF!
                              Nevermind. Don't follow your dreams..
Cometstardjkitten Cometstardjkitten May 30, 2016
I would wanna be a lion so I can maul villains. 
                              "Roar beware of a lion mauling your face"- news said