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Slowly being your Prey or Lover(Billdipp)

Slowly being your Prey or Lover(Billdipp)

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Hidashi14 By Hidashi14 Updated Jan 01

Dipper(virgin, about to turn 19,Gravity Falls,Mystery Shack)
Dipper and Mabel are back to stay with their Grunkcle Stan helping out at the Shack,but Dipper lately has been having weird mood swings.Mabel tries her best to set a blind date. but failed.So guess who comes over to see what's going on in the guessed Bill Cipher.But Bill discovers what Dipper ate...
read it.But Bill feels something,Dipper is slowly noticing it to him too.Will they ever figure out this untrustful, weird, and love soon.
Or Mabel will do something insane.
Grunkle Stan has been missing  again or he's in Vegas  (again? )

_Caitlin_Misery_Ash_ _Caitlin_Misery_Ash_ Apr 23, 2016
Ummmmm, is Dipper in heat? Cuz I don't think he would even dare do that if he wasn't. And it explains him feeling hot........
Katkakbis Katkakbis Jun 26, 2016
Oh ho ho we got a horny dippy sauce who wants the nachos!   
                              (´∀`)♡(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
_EagleEyedHawk16732_ _EagleEyedHawk16732_ Feb 07, 2016
Well. That escalated quickly. Who wants to bet it was the Love God?
limenm limenm Aug 13, 2016
                              Oh wait
                              Bill dressed as a girk
EmberWillow EmberWillow May 05, 2016
O-oh I don't know if I was ready for that *_* caught me really off guard there homie (⊙.⊙)
Anime2005 Anime2005 May 19, 2016
Rose and red
                              There thorns are prickly 
                              Holy zalgo
                              That escalated quickly