Don't Make Me Love You

Don't Make Me Love You

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XxNekocoxX By XxNekocoxX Updated Sep 05

Max has given up on being Bobby's number one and has accepted the fact that Jake is now Bobby's boyfriend. He hates it and he wishes he could change it but, he doesn't want to risk hurting Bobby. He stays happy when they hang out and endures seeing Jake love all over his crush at school.

Enter Brandon. Brandon is a new transfer student who is already the talk of the school. Everyone is curious who he is. Except Max of course. He only has eyes for Bobby. In fact he hates Brandon. It was the new kid's first day and he picks Max to mess with. Max decides then and there that he will not be friends with Brandon and he does everything he can to avoid the boy. But, Brandon doesn't take a hint and Max is even more hateful towards the transfer.

Was Brandon really just screwing around or was he serious? 

This is book 2 of my book Stalker!(Yaoi)(BoyxBoy). If you haven't read that one first then you might want to. This is a boyxboy book so there will be boy love. Don't like? Don't read.


"checks Max's head" How do you walk through doors with that?
I just started reading this and I cant wait for this good sequence.
viktuuri_4_ever viktuuri_4_ever Nov 06, 2016
This made me think of one of my friends she talks about nooky by using "dangling tomatoes" as a different way to say balls
Panda123382 Panda123382 Feb 12
The transfer student like Max. I know it and he is going to annoy him to get his attention. I am awesome with love stories and I haven't even read this one
TaylerShamTatertot2 TaylerShamTatertot2 Sep 18, 2016
EEEEEEEEK!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂🦄💖💖 >////< 😂😂😂
Haruayte Haruayte Oct 29, 2016 this like... Max's POV of your book "Stalker" OMG I love Stalker!