Under the Skin (Girl X Girl)

Under the Skin (Girl X Girl)

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Jess is a reckless badass trying to escape her past by any means possible...sex, drugs and denial of needing a savior.  Enter Jess's savior... Sara, who in the wake of a dare, falls for the sexy and provocative Jess.  Jess tries to piece her life back together and find meaning.  Has she found this in Sara?  Haunted by the death of her family and wrestling with the lure of death herself, will Jess be swallowed by her past and h
er addiction?  Will Sara stay and endure the pain of watching Jess self-destruct, or will she find healing in the arms of another? 

Will the power of true love, the courage to overcome life's greatest challenges and second chances be enough to guide these two souls back to their home...within each other's heart?

CrimsonKoi stages heart wrenching moments and heated falling outs.  She writes with a passion that brings to life the characters and their pain, without enabling the lows of addiction to be glamorized. Under The Skin is a probing and emotionally gripping story nicely told that it too will get "Under The Skin" of its reader.

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***substance abuse

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mangoluv mangoluv Aug 11
You know you're an addict when you go all the way back for the them
Wow ok so she realized that she left her expensive leather jacket and she didn't want to go back...but when she's missing the fags she goes back...BITCH!
Um hello @crimsonkoi I will be judging your book now. Looking forward to it😊👍
king_julienn king_julienn Nov 18, 2016
I seriously don't understand how people go for one night stand..what if that person have some really bad STD ...am I the only one who think like that🙄
crimsonkoi crimsonkoi Apr 05, 2016
Thank you for pointing out my mistakes,but please do take into consideration that english is not my first language and am more into substance and content than grammar, am just a writer sharing what i got inside.
ispi19 ispi19 Jan 06
Someone give the  poor girl  some ice for that burn !  🔥🔥