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Fat Girl Problems

Fat Girl Problems

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Book Worm By BookWorm0006 Completed

As a 'fat girl', Quinn Jones life consists of problem after problem, leaving her quite insecure. Moving to a new school for Senior year didn't help that either. With a new set of people to stare at her she's terrified, but then a miracle happens. Connor, the school's toughest guy decides to watch over her, making school seem more survivable. 
Watch Quinn's journey of acceptance and love as she goes through her senior year.

My fatass would have sat on the bitch "so what did you call me? if you say it i'll get off you."evil laugh
I'm super skinny and I hate salad. It makes me cringe. I'm all about those carbs 😏😂
yurioncrack yurioncrack Feb 12
Yes, I hate English. I am very good at it, but I hate it because you have to present and I have servere anxiety.
hoswald hoswald Jan 31
ive gotten to where idc anymore. like ive accepted myself for being 200 pounds so who cares
ALuver01 ALuver01 Feb 17
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