Judge Me Not ...

Judge Me Not ...

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Vanicao By Vanicao Completed

June has a one night passionate encounter with a stranger named Dmitri. She then returns to her very ordinary life only to realise that 'her stranger' is none other than wealthy Greek billionaire Demetrious von Kanaredes and her new client!

June  is furious that Dmitri lied to her and tries to keep their relationship strictly professional. 
Dmitri on the other hand, enjoyed his encounter with June. He is going to make sure that she does not slip away from him even if she claims to be dating another man! He will do anything to keep her ........ but the lady doth protest too much!

Fabulous cover by Marionettesmask!

geetkhichi geetkhichi Feb 24
Creepy how come no one is there.. i am getting goosebumbs😮😮😮
Crown4401 Crown4401 Feb 19, 2016
I'm definitely getting the whole 'Goldilocks and Three Bears' vibe.
zea-sama zea-sama Jul 30, 2016
I've thought of doing that to my future children. Though it wouldn't be their birthmonth
Iolandaxx Iolandaxx Mar 20, 2016
I hate it when this happens. You feel like throwing your phone down and stomping on it.
baemmiii baemmiii Aug 27, 2016
Imagine if June was born in April and April was born in May and may was born in June 😂
PledgingInsanity PledgingInsanity Apr 12, 2016
When she said I saw the light I thought OMG she's going to hell for that pun