Gladiator's Boy (BOYXBOY)

Gladiator's Boy (BOYXBOY)

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Ancient Rome was a time of Gladiators. 

Lucius was bought by his master, Iovita, and raised as a Gladiator. He become the best of the best, loved by the audience. No matter how many times his master offers him a reward, Lucius refuses. That's until he sees a young sex slave being beaten to death in the streets.

Camillus was born from the most beautiful whore and handsomest gigolo. From the time he was born Cam was raised to service the wealthy. That was until he was caught freeing other sex slaves and sold to a whore house where commoners used him over and over. But Cam kept freeing sex slaves and when caught by the whore master, Cam found himself being beaten to death on the streets. 

That was until he woke in the arms of his new master and became the 
Gladiator's Boy

whitneypooh79 whitneypooh79 Sep 22, 2016
Who gets naked in front of a sex slave and doesn't expect that?!
samanddean171 samanddean171 Jun 04, 2015
When are you going to start this story? Im soexcited to read it !!!
WeAim2Pls WeAim2Pls May 14, 2015
oh-oh-ohmigod~~~ the description so awesome, i'm practically fangirling rn xD Can't wait for its first update~