Ageless fantasy (Loki Fan Fiction)

Ageless fantasy (Loki Fan Fiction)

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Ally has never lived a normal life before. She struggles day by day working for her and her younger sister Maria, being the mother role in their relationship. Her job is perfect but consists of many sometimes miserable hours. 

Everything changes one day when Odin decides that Loki and Thor need new maids to work for them on Asgard. Seeing these two girls struggle is simply enough to give them the reason to be stolen from Earth. 

Ally just wants to be happy and have a normal life with her sister and she doesn't think that could happen due to how much she hates Loki. However what will happen when she has no choice but to melt for this God that she has been given. A God that suddenly becomes her guardian.

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To the author, 
                              We have lots a things in common like liking Loki Laufeyson and HP. 
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Madell_Livingston Madell_Livingston Oct 13, 2016
I HATE when people ask that question! I know it is just to make sure the taker is okay but it makes them feel like a childish freak in the end...
XxLiving_in_DeathxX XxLiving_in_DeathxX Mar 27, 2016
@xMalfoyssweetheartx you need to change the twenty-four to twenty-six
arodriguez763 arodriguez763 Jul 07, 2016
Well that was a bust expected the younger sister to be even younger.
gaaraxlync46 gaaraxlync46 Apr 01, 2016
I thought you said that Ally's sister was 3 years younger than her, not one.