Violet Roses

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Jennifer By RootBeerAddict Updated 4 years ago
Violet Roses.Roses that have that dark violet red is Lily's favorite type of Rose.When someone finds out,they soon begin to shower her with Violet Roses.Leaving roses on her bedwhen she goes to shower.Leaving peadles on her desj in class.Having the lunch lady give her a special tray with a small vase and one single Violet rose.Lily suspects its one of her rooom-mates,but they insist its not them.It gets to the point where she thinks its her brothers pranking her,but when she finds out its not them,she get stumped.Her room-mates and brother's try to help her figure out who this mystery person is,but it doesnt work well.Instead of giving her roses,he gives her little notes.When they give up on trying to find the mystery person,he starts to leave clue after clue..But is it worth it when all of them find themselves in trouble.?Will Lily ever find out who the mystery person is.?And will it be worth all the trouble.?
me too! your story is awesome! lol he plays my character too!
Love how you made Taylor Lautner Seth I love the names Seth and Luke. I love when you said the peices just don't fit once there broken. I love that kind of stuff you know. Anyway voted
XD Lol what an abusive family, seems to me someone needs a lil counsiling XD
....I'm sorry to be commenting this but the extra periods and run on paaragraphs are making it really hard for me to read this story...T-T but the idea is sooooooooooooo good! 
there r too many run on sentances and it makes it hard to read. I like the idea but you need to edit some more and keep writing <3