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amina By impersonates Updated Jan 15

His name brings submission to any wolf that hears it. He is cold-blooded; void of any emotion, ruthless; willing to rip packs to shreds for his pack and vicious; he doesn't leave any survivors behind.

And he was visiting.


Eva is practically the definition of 'broken.' Her mother was killed right in front of her eyes when she was small and her father was murdered by the present Alpha a few years later. She is looked down upon in the pack, unworthy of being a wolf. But she rises...

Adonis is cold. His past are a sequence of horrors unspoken of and he literally cannot feel. He can't seem to recognise Eva as his mate as she recognises him. Eva begins to realise that if she wants to love and have a family she'll have to make him fall in love with her like a real human. 

But how can you fight for the heart of a man who doesn't want to give it away? 

Eva and Adonis are destined to be, but Adonis doesn't believe that she is his mate. Can Eva tame the beast of an Alpha to love or is it practically impossible?


'He might have been one of the most vicious Alphas on Earth. But she - She was unstoppable'


Beautiful Cover by @Cyrania

I Just gotta know before I start reading, is there any triangles or squares in this book? Like love triangles, because if there is I need to know before I paint myself in a corner for like the 100th time today.
bookworm444444 bookworm444444 Nov 07, 2016
xoLaLaxo xoLaLaxo Apr 01, 2016
Um,  is this occuring in the midevil era?  Because I'm pretty sure his daughter didn't consent to this "deal" 😒 She's a person, not a subject to be sold, traded and/or to be made a deal with 😒
alicesingh31 alicesingh31 Mar 20, 2016
WOW!! The Preview of ur Book, took all my attention and intrest!! I possibly can't wait to start my reading!!
                              I can already say, This Book is really One of the Most amazing Book I'll ever read!!
                              *Rubbing my hands start My journey*...!!
island-princess island-princess Feb 04, 2016
My life , it's like even with my big a$$ frown a sign on my forehead says “company needed."