Who's Luna?

Who's Luna?

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^Not your typical werewolf story^

|| My horrified eyes remained wide as Quintons gaping mouth, twisted into a silent scream, grew canines sharp enough to tear through flesh. I felt the tears trace across the skin on my cheek as his jaw became unhinged and thick hair grew across his limbs, spreading to cover his shaking body. 

Alone and weak, my eyes swung back to the monster who was now sat on its hunches watching me. My breaths came out in short gasps as I looked into its eyes.

There was no mistaking it.

This thing was Quinton.

I looked at him in horror, aware of my vision wavering and the ringing in my ears. I could feel myself losing the battle, it was too much for my body to handle.

"How could I ever love a beast?" ||

kc1126 kc1126 Jul 23
I don't know what's sadder, that sentence or the fact that it was completely understandable.😂
This has to be the most unrealistic paragraph I've ever read. So she can't fight them when they first kidnapped her but she has the skills to knock down a 6'4 presumably trained werewolf after being tied down? Okay.
Blue_Bird_101 Blue_Bird_101 Sep 02, 2016
You've got really good writing skills, love the way chapter has been written
I'd play dead and let them hot kidnappers haul me back o to the backseat
Finally! A truly strong heroine who doesn't develop that Syndrome where you sympathize with kidnappers.... What was it called again?
ihaveamillionlives ihaveamillionlives Aug 20, 2016
lol I just yawned too 
                              Not because this is boring but because it's 1 am